Jennifer Lopez Embarks Upon 2019 In Exquisite Cover Shoot For Harper’s Bazaar

via Harper’s Bazaar / Camilla Akrans

As people embark on 2019 — working to set goals (and keep them), fulfill their resolutions and get fit, Jennifer Lopez is living her best life. With an incredible career, her beautiful children, a devoted man and an unbelievable body, Lopez embarks on the New Year with a renewed sense of self, which is quite evident in her cover spread for Harper’s Bazaar.

Lopez has been known for her voluptuous assets since the beginning of her career, helping to increase acceptance of a curvier body frame. Starting out as a dancer on the hit show “In Living Color” and making her way into starring in major Hollywood blockbusters — increasing her worldwide status as an international pop star and famed actress — Lopez is the epitome of what it means to grind (and keep grinding) every single day. At 49 -years-old, she is better than ever, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. With every passing year, she seems to be getting better with age.

In her post on Instagram, she discussed her outlook for this year, highlighting photos of her bringing in 2019 (with Alex Rodriguez).

“I love the first day of a new year… I think because of the endless possibilities and new adventures that lie ahead … and the opportunity to do things not ever done before!!! On the first day of this New Year I am very pensive and super calm… but also ready and excited to get after reaching some of my goals I’ve yet to accomplish. The past year was one of realizing our limitless power and this year will be putting that into serious action!! So be daring, be fun, be kind, be courageous , be dependable, be committed to what makes your heart sing and your spirits soar.. be relentless in the pursuit of your passions. And most of all be loving. Unify when you have the chance, never divide! And just watch what happens!!! Wishing you all a healthy, happy, prosperous and joy filled New Year…. Be #limitless HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I love you all so much!! #theonlythingstoppingyouisyou

In her post, she says to “be relentless in the pursuit of your passions.” This is something that definitely resonates with how she is perceived. Throughout everything — ups and downs, criticism from all around — she continues to reach for more in all aspects of her life. Starting 2019 on a high note, with a film in theaters, “Second Act,” Lopez graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar with the most striking photoshoot, pictured in exquisite style and poise. The photos exude a confidence and sense of self that she has carried with her and honed into the powerful and influential woman she is today.

“This moment in time, for women, this is kind of a revolution…an emotional, kind of spiritual revolution that’s affecting the world. A storm that we’re creating, kicking up a little bit of dust and letting people know that we’re here to stay, and we understand our power, and our value, and our worth. And that’s only going to grow…I don’t ever want to be told I can’t do anything that I want to do. I’m gonna do it.” 💥 – read the full @harpersbazaarus interview thru the link in my stories NOW 💋”

For the full article, visit Harper’s Bazaar.

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